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In 2005, MedExpress was established as the first and only 3-in-1 service drugstore in the country. Where patients can walk in to our branches to buy their medicines or drive thru to pick up their medicines or call for delivery.

In 2006, MedExpress started managing the clinic pharmacy of PLDT nationwide.

Followed by San Miguel Corporation in 2007. In addition, MedExpress also serves the medicine requirement of over 150 companies.

By 2010, MedExpress evolved from a community drugstore to a Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy in key hospitals nationwide.

In 5 years, MedExpress has expanded its hospital outpatient pharmacy in 30 key hospitals nationwide.

With 10 years of delivery service experience and now partnership with over 30 hospitals nationwide, MedExpress has become the No 1. Outpatient Pharmacy and Delivery Service Drugstore in the country.


  • To develop competent and highly motivated human resource to deliver pharmaceutical care and other health care services
  • To utilize effective business processes and technology to deliver timely pharmaceutical care and other health care services
  • To develop and implement marketing initiatives to promote MedExpress pharmaceutical care services to patients, health institutions and healthcare providers


  • To be the preferred partner and channel of health institutions and healthcare providers in delivering pharmaceutical care and other healthcare services to patients to achieve the desired health outcomes.
- MedExpress

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