MedExpress can deliver your medicine needs within 4 hours, within delivery schedule cut-off, in the following areas with the following toll-free delivery hotlines:

Metro Manila (02) 8333-3333
Pampanga 0998-964-8714 / 0998-960-6954
Nueva Ecija 0998-843-0254
Dagupan (075) 522-7629 / 0998-597-5903
La Union 0998-848-9663
Cavite (046) 416-9720
Calamba (049) 543-9170
Laguna (049) 543-9171
Tanauan Batangas 0998-597-5902
Lipa Batangas 0998-960-6965 /
(043) 773-6800 Loc. 1169
Visayas and Mindanao
Cebu (032) 256-3000 / 0998-960-6989
Dumaguete (035) 226-3964 / 0998-967-6612
Davao (082) 221-9898
Cagayan de Oro (088) 851-8888
General Santos 0998-585-8004 / 0917-895-3333
Butuan 0998-961-5200 / 0961-096-5247
Zamboanga 0917-852-5139 /
(062) 991-2506 Loc. 160 & 163

MedExpress can also deliver your medicine needs within 24-48 hours via courier in areas where delivery service is not available.

Delivery Fee will be based on a per kilometer basis pass on charge by our partner logistics company. The minimum order for delivery is Php250.

We accept Cash or credit card payment upon delivery.

You can also place your order via:

  • Viber: 0998-5836987 or
  • Email:

MedExpress is the only drugstore that provides Professional Pharmacy Service to all its Patients!

Medication Counseling

In MedExpress, all medicines must be dispensed by a licensed pharmacist to ensure medication safety. The patient will be advised with the following important information:

  • What the medicine is for?
  • How to take the medication?
  • What to expect while taking the medication?
  • What to avoid while taking the medication?

Patient Medication History

MedExpress is the only drugstore that maintains an individual patient record of all medications prescribed and dispensed to our patients. This allows our pharmacists to identify potential drug interactions and implement the necessary actions to prevent patient adverse drug interaction.

Patient Medication Compliance Monitoring and Intervention

MedExpress is the only drugstore that has a medication compliance program that reminds patients when it is time to replenish their maintenance medications.
Our pharmacist will also call the patient when there is a need to remind patients about the importance of taking their maintenance medications.

MedExpress provides its partners with reliable day to day pharmacy operations management.

We have the system and capability to help hospitals and corporate institutions manage their pharmacy to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance system efficiency
  • Reduce operating cost
  • Maximize revenue

We provide our partners with a reliable day to day pharmacy operations management and an efficient POS system that manages the branch inventory system.